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4 April 2018

Director salary levels 2017/18

Attached is our spreadsheet tool to help you decide the appropriate salary level for 2017/18. Some variables:-

  • The Employment Allowance [EA] which enables a company to not incur Employers NI up to £3,000 only applies where more than one person is a paid a salary. Hence sole director companies will not be entitled.

  • If a company has employees incurring more than £3,000 in employers NI the EA will not be available against the Directors Salary therefore no benefit paying at the higher level.

  • If you have other income from pension, rents etc,, then it is more efficient to draw salary at the NI level rather than the Tax allowance level.

  • As these issues are not easily explained we have endeavoured to make the spreadsheet interactive so you can find the appropriate salary level for yourself.

We hope this is clear but please address questions to your usual contact within our office.


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