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23 March 2020

Circular email to Clients from Ian Stewart

Many apologies for the delay issuing this message. A recent software upgrade has prevented me reaching all our clients until now.

I have however been putting all the information as we receive it on the News page of our website

The information on there is updated almost as soon as it is issued by the government and by and large paraphrases what they say. I am hoping to introduce a registration page which when in place may notify registrants as it is updated.

I will not repeat the information contained thereon but please be aware we do not have precise details at this stage of the 80% recovery for furloughed employees. Please note that you do have to document the process though. The majority of us working though limited companies pay a nominal salary and in theory it would seem that 80% of this should be recoverable unless there is any restriction for Directors (hopefully me being pessimistic). However I do recommend you do document that you furlough yourself (see the sheet of information provided by The HRDept). Please note this process prevents you from working so how will this be policed if you are responding to enquiries etc..? Dividends will not be covered.

I am desperately hoping the chancellor will announce some assistance for the self-employed and freelancers but as I write the only option seems to be Universal Credit.



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